Swimming Pool Maintenance & Service

Because we are certain that you will be 100% happy with our services and products we do not need to tie you into 12 month contracts. Instead, we make things easier and more flexible for our clients by providing service agreements instead of contracts, which means you leave us whenever you want with just three months' notice.

Energy Saving Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps can save you up to 83% in opening costs. Whether you want to extend your swimming season or just to swim in a warm comfortable pool, heat pumps can pay for themselves in a few years with the operation costs savings. We are always happy to talk about how heat pumps work in more detail, just get in touch.

Swimming Pool Covers

If you’re in need of a new swimming pool cover, we can talk you through our range of solutions, including the increasingly popular energy saving covers. We service both small domestic pools and larger pools in commercial settings, so feel free to come to us with any requirement and we’ll find the best fit.

Swimming Pool Refurbishments

As well as maintaining, repairing and servicing your swimming pool, spa, sauna and steam rooms we also offer a refurbishment service. So if your pool or spa is looking tired and is in need of a face lift, call us. We can also install new steam rooms and saunas.

LED Lighting for Swimming Pools

At Crystal Leisure, we are always finding ways of saving our customers money and our most recent discovery could result in big savings for you! We’ve been installing LED swimming pool lights and replacing the old PAR 56 lights for these ultra energy saving bright LED bulbs and fittings. No mess, no extra holes, they simply fit straight into your existing PAR 56 enclosure but will save you a few hundred pounds a year on average.

Sauna and Steam Room Repair and Service

Our highly qualified engineers have over 40 years experience in the wet leisure industry. They will diagnose and fix any problems that may occur with your sauna or steam room.

Heat Recovery and Humidity Control Systems

Heatstar are a specialist British manufacturer of heat recovery humidity control systems who have pioneered the innovation, design and development of modern, efficient climate control systems.

Automatic Chemical Dosing Installation

We offer a full automatic chemical dosing installation service with the Neon Multi Kuntze system. Neon® Multi is a market leading measuring and control instrument for swimming pools. It's range of functions can be tailored according to the end user.