Outdoor Residential Pools Gallery


Outdoor Residential Pool Project


We installed this 8m by 4m in-ground pool. The pool features a heat pump for efficient temperature control, a liner, and removable steps for easy access and maintenance. To enhance heat retention, a heat retention cover has been installed. A water curtain adds a touch of elegance to the pool area, while porcelain tiles adorn the poolside, providing a durable and stylish finish. The plant room has been strategically placed away from the pool, remaining out of sight so that the pool area is aesthetically pleasing.



Outdoor Endless Exercise Pool Project


This endless exercise pool was designed to optimize space without compromising functionality. With its integrated swim jet, our client can swim against a steady current, enhancing their strength and endurance. Measuring 7m by 3m, it's a space-saving solution. The pool's insulation and heat pump maintains a comfortable water temperature year-round, while energy-efficient features help you save on running costs. 



Outdoor Residential Pool Project


This award-winning pool is now a luxurious addition to our clients outdoor space. The use of an energy-efficient heat pump ensures the water stays comfortably heated, allowing you to enjoy a swim even when the weather is cooler. The water curtain adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall aesthetics of the pool. With sandstone paving, the pool area exudes a sophisticated charm. The liner makes maintenance a breeze, while the high-quality filtration system keeps the water crystal clear. The in-pool step system provides easy access, ensuring convenience for everyone. Lastly, the automatic slatted pool cover adds an extra layer of safety and efficiency.



Outdoor Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Tiled Pool Project


Our client's vision came to life with a new, meticulously designed swimming pool. Opting for efficiency, we chose a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tiled pool to minimise construction time on-site. 

From selecting tile colours to choosing lighting and water features, our client actively participated in the design stage. 

The pool, measuring 10 meters by 5 meters and built in 8 sections for easier access to the property, was crafted in a state-of-the-art factory on the Wirral. It was then delivered to our client's property from the factory and was seamlessly assembled by the Crystal Leisure team. 

Featuring advanced technology, including a Zodiac filtration system, Astral heat pump and Kuntze Automatic Dosing system, our client's pool is complete with LED lights, a river jet system, and a hydrotherapy water jet for ultimate relaxation. 

We completed the pool surround with elegant grey porcelain tiles which set the stage for an outdoor kitchen area, under the wooden pergola. The AquaDeck automatic pool cover, chosen for its aesthetic appeal and functionality, adds a sleek finishing touch to this luxurious retreat.

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