Activated Filter Media - Dryden Aqua

AFM® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure. AFM® resists biofouling, bio-coagulation and transient wormhole channelling of unfiltered water and outlasts all other filter media.

AFM®is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to increase its surface area and to acquire superior adsorption properties.


  • Offers substantial water and energy savings thanks to shorter and slower backwashes.
  • Attracts and removes heavy metals (AFM® S), organic matters and microplastics (AFM® ng).
  • Significantly lowers chlorine oxidation demand.
  • Prevents the formation of harmful disinfection by-products (THMs, NCl3).
  • Prevents bacterial growth, bio-coagulation and channelling in the filter bed.
  • Provides exceptional water clarity: Certified 1 micron filtration (w/o flocculation).
  • Delivers stable filtration performance and outlasts all other filter media.
  • Certified for pools, potable water use (NSF/ANSI 50, NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 by WQA), food & drinks markets (HACCP).

Dryden Aqua has developed AFM® ng to remove organics and microplastics from the water. Any non polar chemical will be more difficult to dissolve into water and it will tend to float like oil, or be ad- sorbed on to a non polar hydrophobic surface. 

Organic matters are the precursor for the formation of Trihalomethanes (THMs), including chloroform. Thanks to its large hydrophobic area and highly mesoporous structure, AFM® ng can filter much finer particles and approximately 50% more organic substances than sand. High filtration performance means less disinfectants are used, result- ing in healthier water and better air quality at lower costs