Efficient and Cost-Effective Pool Heating with Calorex Heat Pumps


Enjoy a Perfectly Heated Pool All Year Round

Warming an entire body of water without a proper swimming pool heating system can be a daunting and costly task. While the sun can provide natural warmth, its unpredictable nature means ideal conditions are limited to just a few weeks or months each year. Thankfully, the solution lies in swimming pool heat pumps, offering a consistent and controlled flow of warmth whenever you and your guests desire.

The Benefits of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps provide numerous advantages for both homeowners and commercial swimming facilities:

1. Exceptional Energy Efficiency: By significantly reducing power consumption, these heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, resulting in lower operating costs.

2. Minimal Heating Costs: Warming pools becomes cost-effective due to the efficient utilisation of electricity and an air source, resulting in reduced expenses.

3. Eco-Friendly Operation: Heat pumps rely on electricity and an air source, thereby minimising emissions and contributing to a greener environment.

4. Extended Swimmer Comfort: Enjoy your pool for a longer duration, as heat pumps maximise swimmer comfort by providing warmth throughout a greater portion of the year.

How Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work

Swimming pool heat pumps function by extracting and amplifying the ambient air temperature, transferring the captured heat directly into the pool water. This process is achieved without generating heat themselves. Instead, heat pumps compress cool ambient air from the surroundings. By compressing the air, the system concentrates its warmth and efficiently transfers it to the pool water via a highly effective heat exchanger.

Thanks to this innovative technology, heat pumps utilise existing heat from the air and efficiently transfer it to the water, resulting in a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. The small amount of power required makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Calorex Heat Pumps: Leading the Way


When it comes to heat pumps for swimming pools, Calorex stands out as a trusted and reputable brand. Calorex specialises in providing advanced, energy-efficient, and reliable solutions for heating and cooling applications, including swimming pool heat pumps.

Calorex heat pumps are known for their cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Designed specifically for swimming pool heating, they excel at extracting heat from the surrounding air and transferring it to the pool water, ensuring efficient and cost-effective heating.

Energy efficiency is a key focus for Calorex heat pumps. Incorporating advanced heat exchangers, compressors, and control systems, Calorex optimises energy consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Durability and reliability are also hallmarks of Calorex heat pumps. Built with high-quality components and subjected to rigorous testing, these heat pumps can withstand various weather conditions and provide consistent heating, even in colder climates.

Choose Quality and Expertise for Your Pool Heating Needs


To ensure the optimal performance and satisfaction of your heat pump, it is crucial to select a high-quality system from a trusted manufacturer. At Crystal Leisure Swimming Pools, we proudly offer the Calorex heat pump range from Certikin. As an authorised dealer and installer, we possess the knowledge and expertise to assess your specific needs and recommend the ideal heat pump for your swimming pool.

Certikin is a well-known and respected company in the swimming pool industry. They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool equipment and accessories. Certikin offers a wide range of products, including pool heaters, pumps, filters, lighting, covers, and water treatment systems.

They have built a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable pool equipment to both residential and commercial customers. Certikin products are known for their durability, performance, and innovation.

Certikin's product range caters to various pool types and sizes, and they often collaborate with pool builders and professionals to ensure their offerings meet the needs of different pool installations. Their products are designed to enhance the swimming pool experience while also prioritising energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Overall, Certikin is a reputable brand that is synonymous with quality and reliability in the swimming pool industry. 

By choosing a Calorex heat pump from Certikin, you can enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly heated pool.

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